Gray Code

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Edgy guitarmusic with pounding drums, pumping bass en catchy melodies that'll never let you go. Get ready for the new Gray Code.
After years of quarrels, line-up switches and lots of good shows in crappy venues facing a little crowd, Gray Code finally found its peace. There are sounds rising up from a concrete storage room in the middle of an industrial zone, on which the band has been working for a long time; real songs that rock in an unconventional way.
By the end of 2008 the band decided to step back for a year, to work on new material in an old factory. In this year they've turned their set upside down and put a new sauce over old songs. They've also released their "single" Recovery. Its video got over a 10.000 views on YouTube in one week and got picked up by the national media.
With Recovery, Gray Code's sabbatical is over. Their small rehearsal room, in which amps, drums and stands fall over eachother, tends to blow up, because their music is becoming too big. Now is the time for Gray Code to take the stage, after being invisible for a year, and rock their very loud pop songs into the world. Get ready for the new Gray Code.

Voormalige bezetting

Joni van der Leeuw zang Van 01-05-2004 tot 12-12-2009
Benjamin van Galen bas Van 01-05-2004 tot 01-04-2007
Lukas Jager drums Van 01-05-2004 tot 01-06-2005
Reinout Versteeg bas Van 01-12-2007 tot 12-12-2009
Timo Pisart gitaar Van 01-06-2005 tot 12-12-2009
Jochem Goossens drums Van 01-10-2005 tot 12-12-2009


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Stijl: rock
Vanaf: 01-05-2004 - 12-12-2009
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Bijgewerkt: 05-10-2010 21:22

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